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God spoke over Living Waters that 2020 will be the year of launching & acceleration. 


The Lord showed me a catapult launching out a stone that is placed in the very centre. We as a Church and individuals are being launched into God’s destiny. There is a responsibility on our side. The stone on the catapult  needs to be placed in the very centre. This is a call for us to walk in the very centre of God’s will. He is the one who launches, we place ourselves into His hands. Therefore we need to be living out of His Word, Presence and Spirit! This is for each and every one of us. 


The Lord wants to remind us of Him being our centre. Many of us are going to face trials and situations. Goliath came to destroy everything that God established, yet David kept God in front of Him. God released His power through David. That power was available to David because he spent time with God and in His presence regularly and continually. That is where he drew the power of God. The same power he used to destroy Goliath. Goliath was a huge giant, David was a small boy. He only had a catapult and stone. David took what He had, not with the armour and weapons King Saul offered him. If God is not our center we will lose our battles. In 2020 do not be in a confused state, put God first and put Him in front of you, then you will be victorious. Don’t take things of the world, take what God is giving you. 

Rohan Mallawa

God is calling us to be anchored in Him this year. There will be trials throughout this year, but yet God will remain consistent. No matter what situation we go through we must be anchored to God. In every situation you go through, remember He is your hope, He is your everything. Many of us have been anchored to everything else, except God. But this year, wherever you go whatever you do, remember your faith is not in the ability in what you can do but how much you are anchored to God. 

Sinthuga Joseph

God is going to do something new in you, me and us this year. Something much more powerful. You are a powerful ambassador in Christ. You will be used more outside the Church than inside the Church. Embrace God’s Dunamis (explosive) power in you and allow God to explode that. Do not diminish the anointing God has put on you. We run all over to get the anointing, but it is in you! God has given you the answers in the anointing. God is looking to work through you in the now. Break open the doors which you have been hiding behind, and come out this year. God is saying to us do not fear! Through us God is going to take His kingdom, and that is what we need to move into. 

Chandika Fernando

2019 has been a year of distractions for many of us. Busyness, situations, life in general. It has caused us to take our focus of God. 2020 will be a year where many of us are going to draw close to God and you will incline in the spirit like you never have before. 2020 will also be a year where some of us will keep focusing on thing which will distract us, and that will cause you to complete backslide from God like never before. God is placing two choices before you in 2020, draw towards Him or draw away from Him. Many of us have kept God inside the Church and put Him in a box. God is calling us to let Him flow into every aspect of your life. Where everything you do is an outflow of your relationship and focus on Him. 

Shan Hulugalle


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